My 6 week program is ideal for kick-starting weight loss, for those tired of the DIET cycle or to establish healthy eating habits

It includes:

  • Initial one-on-one consultation

  • Detailed personalised nutrition PDF report

  • Twice weekly nutrition lessons delivered by email (2 per week)

  • 5 quick, family friendly recipes delivered weekly by email

  • Access to a private online support group

  • Revision of nutrition targets as required

  • Support via phone, text, email or Facebook as required for the entire 6 weeks.

  • Skills and knowledge to take with you beyond the 6 weeks program.

  • Option to stay on at a low monthly subscription rate

The one-on-one consultation that kick starts this program ensures that I fully understand your lifestyle and nutritional needs.  My plan for you will be realistic and sustainable, because this isn’t about short-term perfection, it’s about long-term life changes that you actually enjoy implementing!   My ongoing support is unlike any other program - if you have questions or concerns you can ask me directly and have them answered quickly.

What is the Cost?

The current price is $195 for the 6 week program.

This works out at a very reasonable $32 per week, or less than a cup of coffee a day for a fantastic investment in your health.

After the program finishes you can choose to take what you learned and apply those skills going forward. You can continue to stay in my private support group for continued coaching, recipe ideas, tips and motivation.

What my clients have to say about MY 6 week program:

Stacie: "I am so pleased that I used Rachel Eagleton’s nutritional coaching program to get back on track with my food choices. I found working with Rachel to be flexible with my schedule.  She listened to where I was currently, my frustrations and asked my goals.  I learned a great deal through the personal correspondence and the weekly emails.  The yummy recipes were a great bonus!  I now feel like I have a do-able long term plan to make good food choices and understand the best times of day to eat have my metabolism work best for me! Thanks Rachel!"

Tina“I want to give a big shout out & THANKYOU to Rachel!!! She has been absolutely wonderful with her guidance & knowledge over the past 6 weeks keeping a very close eye on my diary & emailing me constantly to offer suggestions of improvements I could be making. I have really enjoyed this challenge esp the fact it’s one I can continue, not the generic 6wk fall off the bandwagon straight after kind! & most of all the fact it’s family friendly & I’m not prepping separate meals!!”

Chen: “What I love most about Rachel is she is very positive and encouraging. She kept telling me that there is nothing I cannot eat, but just to watch the amounts. Rachel had me keep a diary of the meals I had everyday for a few weeks.  InitiallyI did have my doubts and worried about keeping to a diary. But it is not difficult.  My family and I even took a holiday to Spain and Singapore in June and I was worried about the foods but it was no problem.

2 weeks ago, I had another blood test for the sugar level and it is now only 4.9, with fasting. Am overjoyed and knew that the plan on the right foods worked. My specialist told me if I stick to this, I will never be diabetic. Anyone can do this.

I highly recommend Rachel Eagleton”

To find out more, please send a message using the form below, call me on 0450 524 611, or book in directly via the link below.

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